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REBIRTH in Estremoz Marble by Giulia Archimede

Light sculpture, 2019

Made in Italy.

Estremoz marble (pink) - intuition, femininity, innocence

derived from red, but mitigated by white purity, pink Rebirth has the ability to make us open up to giving and receiving love, to calm and beauty.

Rebirth is a light sculpture in onyx, created to illuminate the path of those who recognize not only its functional and aesthetic value, but for those who understand its energetic, soothing and vibrational power. It's an object of art and craftsmanship that illuminates the everyday life with wisdom and gentleness; an egg of light capable of bringing back every element to its original purity. The egg is a clear reference to ancient symbolism: a primordial rebirth archetype of the soul, creation, fertility and prosperity. Obtained from onyx, with its reflections milky and pure, Rebirth represents an object of high Italian manufacture and design, and a vehicle of transcendence and peace.


Onyx, a stone known since ancient times for its rebalancing properties, is capable of giving calm energies and is ideal to create a serene atmosphere. The natural veins of the stone from which the light filters in different intensities, are like a caress for the human soul. Once turned on, the light melts and diffuses all these properties in its surrounding place. Rebirth is for all of those who wish to reconnect with their inner stillness, relying on power of light.

materials | bronze, green onyx, light

dimensions |

$ 3850

About the Artist

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