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ebru duruman

Artist Statement 
In this narrative, these creatures, known as Babru’s, have heard of human existence and learned to think of human chaos as a myth. One day, Babru’s come in contact with a human and realize the painful brutality of mankind. As a result of their nurturing, happy, and sexually open characteristics, they decide to reach out and introduce their serene lifestyle to the naturally flawed mankind. Babru’s believe that when Babru Land and the human world merges, human chaos will be solved and the human kind will start understanding the importance of belonging and connecting.
Artist Bio
Ebru Duruman was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1992. At the age of 18 she moved to the US to study at the Rhode Island School of Design. She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors of Architecture (BArch) and Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA). She then moves to New York City to join the internationally renowned architecture firm, Pei Cobb Freed and Partners. In 2017 she decides to pursue her passion in painting by joining The Art Students League of New York.
Ebru Duruman explores the unspoken mysticism and beauty of sexual identity in modern society through the use of painting and sculpture. Typically surreal in their nature, her works highlight the inner complexities of the individual by presenting an alternative narrative and environment for the viewer. In Duruman’s BABRU series, she depicts childlike creatures living in colorful and utopic lands where each is equal and content. These creatures enjoy their daily lives with simple pleasures and joyous reproduction.
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