ceren arslan

Artist Statement 
The term “Big Data” originally referred simply to our technical capacity to collect, store, and process increasing amounts of data at decreasing costs and this meaning still stands, regardless of hype, media improprieties or linguistic confusion. Now for the first time ever, data is seen as abundant, accessible and in most cases at no cost. “Episodes” is a series which investigates how shared digital data can influence the process of creation of architectural aesthetics and its photographic representation. 
The images, compiled of hundreds of different sources of textures found solely on the Internet,  depict fictional realities in different geographies from Los Angeles to Marrakesh to Rome. Unconstrained by functional reality or structural necessities, they show buildings just real enough to be believable. They are crafted by manipulating and rearranging real textures compiled from a digital catalog of existing buildings and material samples at a convincing level of information which give them their plausibility. Yet they still have a satirical composition that deciphers the images’ reality in detail; the images appear strange, they become weird. They provoke an unusual reading. They are hyper-real. 
The process of making the images rely completely on photo-montage without tackling a three-dimensional modeling software; manually adjusting the geometry, colors, shadows and contrast. In other words, the image uses a single medium, a photo editing tool, as a design, visualization and a refinement tool all at once challenging the current multi-stepped image making practices. The technique challenges the meaning of craftsmanship in the digital reality in which the softwares have taken authorship of making the perfect, photo-realistic images. 
Artist Bio
Ceren Arslan is a New York City based architectural designer who works with buildings, interiors, landscapes and experiences. She is currently working at a large-scale architecture firm in NYC where she gained professional experience in cultural and institutional building design. 
Her design ethos is to create playful, aesthetically pleasing and contextually responsive spaces. Ceren’s work derives from conceptual thinking and her artistic talent in drawing, collaging, painting, illustration and fiction. Her amour fou of textures, materials and patterns permeate through her work at all scales.
Ceren received her Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute in 2018 graduating with Top Honorable Mention Degree Project Award. She has participated in travel studios in Berlin and Rome. She is one of the curators of the first alumni-run collaborative exhibition, Aesthetics of Prosthetics.
2020 [Solo] Episodes X Ninth Street Espresso Gallery
2020 [Participant]  Inter.lude - Design Objects x EAA Studio-NYC
2019 [Curator]  Aesthetics of Prosthetics Collaborative Exhibition 2019  X Pratt Institute 
2019 [Participant]  Aesthetics of Prosthetics Collaborative Exhibition 2019  X Pratt Institute 
2018 [Nominee] Degree Project Saturday Award Review x Pratt Institute