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Pilevneli Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul
February 2019
Partner: Sali Ferad
ROTE is an interactive experiment that questions the global issues of our current time. It is a multitasking and a live machine that plays with our perception of time, scale and space, as well as our physical and social boundaries. After being live at The Moore Building in Miami, the second ROTE experience took place in Istanbul to question the major social problems that exist in Turkey. With the help of a V-COUNT device, it recorded the human behavior throughout Pilevneli Gallery and transformed it into a visual language that was constantly updating itself, which was reflected on to a concrete wall. This time, the constantly changing live from the event were linked to the horrific numerological facts of Turkey like the number of children marriages and the number of women killed in a year. Every time the count of visitors reached to a certain number, the animation alarmed the visitors, to draw attention to the scale of today's current problematics. For a few months during the exhibition, ROTE worked as a machine to encourage social awareness.

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