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ZAROLAT's first studio and gallery space located in the historic waterfront neighborhood in Dumbo, showcases an exclusive collection of art and design objects by independent artists from all over the World. The open library within the space acts as a communal archive displaying carefully curated printed material - mostly architectural and artist-made books.


140 Plymouth serves as a crossroad for the creative community of Dumbo and an interactive space to exchange ideas and collaborate.

240514_Zarolat_140Plymouth1258 1.jpg



April 18 - June 30 2024

Screen Shot 2024-06-16 at 3.33.28 PM.png

UP NEXT : 'Steven Lane'
July 11 - August 4 2024



The storefront we inhabit is located in a landmark building on Plymouth Street, overlooking to the view of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. It was built in 1910 by Robert Gair, a Scottish born immigrant and the inventor of the cardboard box. The building was a home for many artists over the last century as well as for a Japanese motorcycle club in the 90s. The industrial area today has evolved into a creative hub for many artists, designers and architects.

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