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Raw Pop Up at The Moore Building, Miami
May 2018
Partner: Sali Ferad

ROTE is an interactive experiment which aims to question the global issues of our current time. It is a multitasking and a live machine that plays with our perception of time, scale and space, as well as our physical and social boundaries. The first ROTE digitally recorded the human behavior throughout The Moore Building during RAW POP UP with the help of a V-COUNT device. The number of people in the space that was constantly changing, was transformed into a visual langua
ge and activated The Elastika – the fluid, site-specific installation by Zaha Hadid Architects resembling the crowd by its visual density. The constantly updating live data from the event are linked to global statistics from around the World. Every time the count of visitors reaches a certain number, the animation alarms us with a fact, to compare the scale of everyday ‘patterns’ and to question today's current problematics. During the 3 days of the event, ROTE did not only activate The Elastika by light and motion, but worked as a machine to inform and encourage social awareness.


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