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rote (tekerrür)


MAY 2018

ROTE is a spatial, social and digital experiment which aims to question our perception of time, scale and space, as well as our physical and social boundaries. It is a play of time, scale and space, by the constant recording of the human behavior throughout the space it inhabits, which gets translated into a new visual language. The first ROTE during @rawpopup, activated The Elastika – the fluid, site-specific installation by @zahahadidarchitects resembling the crowd of the event by its visual density. The constantly updating live data from the event are also linked to “global facts” from around the World. Every time the count of visitors reaches to a certain number, the animation alarms us with a fact, to compare the scale of everyday ‘patterns’ and to question today's current problematics. During the 3 days of the event, ROTE did not only activate The Elastika by light and motion, but transformed into a machine to inform and encourage social awareness. Ode to @zahahadidarchitects-


rote #2 @Selected Exhibitions:
Pilevneli Gallery, Istanbul / February 2019