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Rebirth in Green Onyx by Giulia Archimede

Light Sculpture

Made in Florence, Italy.


Green Onyx - protection, trust, eloquence

the green onyx is a true talisman, capable of bringing its surroundings to its original serenity.

Rebirth is a light sculpture in onyx, created to illuminate the path of those who recognize not only its functional and aesthetic value, but for those who understand its energetic, soothing and vibrational power. It's an object of art and craftsmanship that illuminates the everyday life with wisdom and gentleness; an egg of light capable of bringing back every element to its original purity. The egg is a clear reference to ancient symbolism: a primordial rebirth archetype of the soul, creation, fertility and prosperity. Obtained from onyx, with its reflections milky and pure, Rebirth represents an object of high Italian manufacture and design, and a vehicle of transcendence and peace.


Onyx, a stone known since ancient times for its rebalancing properties, is capable of giving calm energies and is ideal to create a serene atmosphere. The natural veins of the stone from which the light filters in different intensities, are like a caress for the human soul. Once turned on, the light melts and diffuses all these properties in its surrounding place. Rebirth is for all of those who wish to reconnect with their inner stillness, relying on power of light.

materials  |  bronze, green onyx, light

dimensions  |  onyx (egg) : H320 mm x D220 mm


$ 3850

Giulia Archimede is a multi disciplinary designer focusing on lighting design. Her passion for nature, art and craftsmanship comes from the strong bond she has for her ancient town Florence, which is the main source of her inspiration.


With a training on interior design, she is interested not only in the concept and the end product, but the spiritual idea of everyday life and the nature of materials she chooses to work with. She embraces this spiritual philosophy into the making of her creations, which lead back to nature, stars and to the original matter. Not by chance, they are about light..


After living several years in Cape Town and Helsinki where she gained significant experience both humanistically and professionally, she moved back to Italy to create her own collection of work. Between foundries and marble quarries of Pietrasanta, she encountered great wisdom of master craftsmen which shaped her products to become great examples of Italian manufacturing.  Her first Alchemie Creation was produced by Cattelani&Smith and was exhibited at Salone del Mobile in 2019.

“What is presented in my works is a feeling, an emotion taking shape. Every object is a conveyor to express emotions in a way that would not be possible through the use of words.”


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